I am a farmer. Or maybe that is what I would have told you a few years back. If I was cheeky I would tell you I was a middle school dropout with a 4.0 Bachelors in Education . If I was being completely honest I would have told you until very recently I was stuck in a series of jobs that more than paid the bills but did little else. But no matter what I hate saying I am an artist.

I think growing up with two artists for parents I rejected the name, hoping nobody would notice I was making and selling art. Hoped that nobody would mistake me for the pretentious New York type or the waiter who does one painting a year but holds on to the dream they will be discovered after they die. And all while hoping nobody noticed I was doing little but imagining doing it full time.

I am an artist, an artist who finally grew out of that angst. And I am so happy to be sharing my art with you as I continue my new career. As an artist I focus much of my time on making shadowbox-like pastel painting, commissioned portraits, and fantasy esque works. Thank you for visiting my site!




Calder Yates Gladstone is nestled in the Swannanoa Valley in North Carolina 




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