Out of the Norm

Out of the Norm


This 8”x11“ handcrafted box was crafted from locally sourced pine with a Walnut or other dark wood spline joint , incorporated glass to protect artwork and is treated with a mixture of orange oil and beeswax to preserve the wood. This box has sawtooth hangers attached on the rear of the piece for easy wall mounting. The original art within is hand painted with chalk pastel on paper which has been cut out and mounted into the box using a variety of techniques depending upon the application needed. All materials are archival or treated to be.

Strolling down the sidewalk, I saw our reflection out of the corner of my eye in a shop’s display. I can not claim to be overly tall at 6’1”, but my friend who stood beside me was nearly a foot shorter, and in that double take I was shocked by the contrast.  The differential, the sexual dimorphism, the genetic variation is something I am normally unaware of, yet completely shocked when double taking in front of a pane of glass.

This moment lead me to think about all of these years I have been working with and towering over children and how they must experience the world, a world in which they can stand and hide in tall grass at the same time. And beyond that world, the world of a mouse hiding from a cat, or an insect from a mouse. Perhaps the closest we can experience this is swimming with a whale? This piece is playfully inspired by these thoughts, by that quick reflection in a store window. Beneath the piece is a small knob, that when moved causes the girl to slide across the piece to greet the mouse.

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