This  8”x11“ handcrafted box was crafted from locally sourced pine with a Walnut or other dark wood spline joint , incorporated glass to protect artwork and is  treated with a mixture of orange oil and beeswax to preserve the wood. This box has sawtooth hangers attached on the rear of the piece for easy wall mounting. The original art within is hand painted with chalk pastel  on paper which has been cut out and mounted into the box using a variety of techniques depending upon the application needed. All materials are archival or treated to be.

Originally inspired by a south eastern Native American myth of the world existing on the back of a turtle, this idea grew into a concept I used in my own storytelling when working with children, and later in a Dungeons and Dragons group. Here, a small village rests atop the back of a sea turtle, who is only revealed through the working of a lever beneath the piece.

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