Most of my stories, my successes, accidental or otherwise, seem to stem from accidents, luck and quitting. Just days before Valentines day 2018 I quit a job that had paid my bills since I graduated college. Perhaps it mirrored the time I dropped out of middle school only to educate myself into a university through relentless study and a penchant for being given responsibilities beyond my years at local education centers where I quickly fell in love with teaching, and ironic twist for a dropout. It was an accident I found myself working with children, where I learned to embody their endless curiosity. And It was an accident, after all, that I was offered a slew of commission requests immediately after quitting that aforementioned job where that curiosity could be expressed.

With immediate work and income, I discovered that I could somehow make a living a living from my art, a career most of my family members have pursued. But with a graduate program in educational policy looming just months away, I was unsure if it could be anything by a side job, supporting my research and community work that would occupy the next 6 years of my life. I quickly learned, accidentally perhaps, or was genetically determined, that making art for others brought me more fulfillment and joy than anything I had ever done.

I am happy to admit I quit the idea of that graduate program to pursue a career in art, one I hope I never leave. I still teach today on the side, working with children and teenagers through storytelling games and workshops, but you will find me most days working in my studio starting at 4am when the world is at its calmest, and I am at my best.